Brief History

Genuine leather has undeniably proven its timelessness, and this allure is well understood by a family business expanding to its third generation. Our journey began as a trading enterprise, providing manufacturers across our home country, India, with the finest quality of finished leather, regardless of what they require and specify. 

In this world of connecting appreciative artisans to the most beautiful natural hide, we found a passion in a place of opportunity, admiring the meticulous detail being given to a product that should last over a lifetime.

What's Next?

As we venture into the world of manufacturing, we aim to create a unique list of products across multiple subcategories of our daily lives.

Not only are we creating dozens of niche solutions and products, we take items that are highly sought after, and improve them too with our own flavour of essentialism and accessibility.

From the professional workspace, to your home and kitchen, garments and personal accessories, to what just may be categorized as "something that improves your quality of life". Do stay tuned, we have categorical catalogues coming soon.